Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So Many New Thing From Sizzix

Let's start by saying that I'm so very sorry that I haven't been around here for so long, but there have been quite large changes in my life. I will not burden you with all of them, but lets get down to business... so to speak! Because Sizzix has so much new things for you and best of all - they're free!!!

Had you noticed that there was a day for talking like a pirate? I thought it is one of the most funniest thing to do together with your kids and maybe even colleagues :) So Sizzix offers you all free nautical themed papers.

And what with the wedding season going full speed, Sizzix has thought to share some wonderful wedding gift and card ideas. I thing this will be so useful for everyone who has ever wondered what to give for the lucky couple!

So what are you waiting for - go on to Sizzix and have fun!

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