Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fancy Tabbed Mini album Pages Using Any Framelits Die - Tutorial

Oh boy - this took me almost a week to make, but this post actually isn't about how I made that tabbed album - I will share pics of it in my next post. This post is about how I made those pages by cutting them using Sizzix Framelits.
 When I wanted my tab to be at the side of my page, I had to cut my page to its haight - in my case it's 1/2 of a 12'' page (actually a little less, since I'm going with metric dimensions, but that doesn't change anything).
Then draw a line where your page will end. Position your Framelit where you want your tab to be and mark both inside edges of it, where it crosses the line you drew.

 Now cut straight lines till your marks - I've raised them little up so you can see my cut parts.
 In this case I had to roll up that paper to get it through my die. If you use larger dies, it is a lot easier to do it.
 This is how the positioning looks like from the front...
 ...and this is how the positioning looks like from the back.
Since my page is less than 6'' wide, just make a sandwich and run through your machine and look what you get. Well this shape is easy enough that you could very easily cut it by hand, but look what you can do with other dies:
 I just love those strip dies from Fancy Wrappers set. They fit so perfectly to my pages. I have taped the die with this post it strip so that it would stay in place while cutting - I sure need that new magnetic platform. But as these dies are so long, they don't fit through the opening of machine this way, so this is what you have to do:
 Place the die with paper between your cutting plates and wrap the rest of the paper around the top cutting plate.
 Run it like that through the machine.
This is what you will get - the crease in the middle can easily be ironed out - I didn't do even that because all my photos and other papers covered that up so that nothing can be seen at all.
This was die cut using the other strip from Fancy Wrappers set.
 You can slide the die to anyplace on the edge - not just the middle.
Pretty cool - isn't it?

 You can do this using all your frame dies.

Look how nice they look.
 You can do this even for the upper edge. As I told you, my pages are slightly smaller than 6'' and this means that I have a small space left for the upper tab.
 Technique is the same - draw the line of your page, mark inner borders of your die, cut till the marker(s), place die in and cut...
 ...well the cutting this time is also going to be by rolling the paper up on top over the cutting plate.
This somehow does make a bigger crease, but nothing that you can't smooth out or even iron out.

You can use this technique also for the edges of cards and other projects. You can also use any flowers or other shapes that has an empty middle and a blade on outer edge.

Hope this was helpful!

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  1. This is awesome!! I love how you cut the edges!! Fabulous tutorial!! Have a great weekend :)

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