Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ombre Glittered Flowers - Tutorial

Flowers are made more realistic when they have different shading  and petals goes from darker to lighter, from the center outwards. For this tutorial I'm using the Tim Holtz's roses tutorial as background but with some slight changes.
 Start by cutting out three flower shapes per one flower. I used Tattered Florals die. Notice how there are six petals for the bigger flowers and only five for the smaller ones. As the original tutorial asks for a six petaled flower, you will need to adjust it a bit for the five petaled flowers. I use watercolor paper, but it could work even better with handmade papers - they are more easily shape-able.
 Start by coloring flower centers with darker shade of your chosen color using alcohol based marker - for me it's ProMarkers. Then color around your dark centers using lighter shade of the same color. Make sure to blend both colors well together. I used also blender marker to blend the edge of my color. Notice how my lighter color makes almost star shape into the middle of each petal - I find that this gives the most realistic look.
 Spray the flowers with water - you may want to spray first one - shape it and just then go onto another flower, because they dry very fast.
 I made small cuts in-between each petal to separate them a bit more than they are already. Then take each separate petal and put against a pen or other slender cylindrical object, press down with one finger and try to pinch the end of  the petal together with two fingers of the other hand - this was impossible for me to photograph, so I hope you understand what I mean. Hold a bit together that pinched petal, then release. When all petals are pinched, dry the flower using heat tool - this helps the flower to hold it's shape better.
Make a cut between two petals of one of the flowers till the center of the flower. I forgot to take a picture of this step. You have to glue on top of each other those two petals you made the cut between - so this is the flower at the top of the picture above.
For the next flower, cut out one petal and for the other one - cut out two petals as shown in the picture above.
 Do the gluing as for the previous flowers - glue on top of each other the petals, that the cuts were made between them. As for the smaller five petaled flowers, you want to glue those petals not on top of each other but just slightly on, so that they appear almost side by side.
All I do now is gluing those flowers into each other starting with the one with most petals, ending with the two separate petals and then just the sole petal. You might want to curl each petal backwards to make the flower look better.

Afterwards I sprayed my flowers with spray glue and covered with white/translucent glitter to add more shine to my flowers - especially since I used them for a fairy style project you will see in my next tutorial  - I will give you a little sneak peek:

Sizzix Bigz Die - Tattered Florals
Sizzix Bigz Die - Tattered Florals
Sizzix BigShot Machine
Sizzix BigShot Die-cutting Machine
Sizzix Accessory - Susan's Garden Tool Kit
Sizzix Accessory - Susan's Garden Tool Kit
Sizzix Accessory - Susan's Garden Tool Kit
Sizzix Accessory - Susan's Garden Tool Kit
Glossy Accents
Martha Stewart Glitter
Martha Stewart Glitter
Spray Adhesive
Krylon SPRAY ADHESIVE All Purpose


  1. Gorgeous flowers, Liva!! They look amazing!! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. WOW Liva, love what you have done with these flowers, thanks for showing how.


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