Thursday, May 23, 2013

Emilia Turned 4

My little girl recently turned 4. As I had previously made some wonderful parties for Aleksa, now it was turn for Emilia. Nowadays her favorite cartoon is "Masha I Medved". It is the most amazing Russian cartoon of a little girl called Masha and a bear. You totally must check it out. It is a cartoon almost without any talking so anyone can understand it.
First I made this huge banner saying "Emilia is 4 years old". I put that over our living room DOUBLE doors, so it was pretty large, even if it doesn't appear so in the photo. Our living room is located just in front of our entrance doors, so that anyone who comes in can spot this banner right away.
We started out by making cake. I wanted it to be something special, so for the first time in my life, I decided to make a rainbow cake. I hadn't seen any of them before in Latvia. Emilia as always volunteered to help :)
This is how my - or rather Emilia's cake turned out. It looked grate in my opinion and tasted just heavenly!
I also tried my hand in making fondant figurine - the little Masha from the cartoon. Well it didn't turn out quite as it was in my imagination, but at least the kids could see some resemblance :)
I also had some cupcakes made, but this time I didn't liked how they look, but still - they tasted good!
I covered simple plastic cups with printed characters for the cartoon and added some colorful straws to these juice cups. And I also made these strawberry, banana and dried apricot "flowers" on skewers.
I made those large character printouts and glued them on foamboard. Kids very very excited about them. Our main entertainment was watching the cartoon of Masha using overhead projector. Kids never had seen this before so it was something exciting for them.
I made some coloring books for kids to be occupied for a brief moment and also take home as a party favors.
We also did some face painting. Masha's cartoon features lots of different animals, so kids had opportunity to choose what animal they wanted me to paint. I could get only some paint crayons and it was somewhat hard to pint with them, but kids liked it nevertheless - even thou you can't tell that from the look of Aleksa's face at the time :)

In the end it was a lovely evening and all the kids had a fun time, so I think that my mission was a success after all!


  1. Do you have the printables for Masha and Bear birthday?

  2. Sveika! Vari, lūdzu, padalīties, kā tiki pie lielizmēra vilka un Mašas ar lāci, lai izprintētu?


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