Friday, February 8, 2013

Tutorial - DIY Ink Blending Tools

I have always wanted a separate blending tool for each of my Distress inks in order that I could just grab each tool and use several inks at one time, without changing any pads or washing the tool itself. Also I find that those tools are way too expensive to have 48 different ones.
I have tried Tim Holtz blender tool and Tsukineko large rounded sponge dauber as well as small ones you can put on your finger. And truth be told I find that the best ones for me are the large rounded sponge daubers, because using TH blender tool I sometimes get straight edge lines in the middle of my inked project, but with the rounded one it doesn't happen.
I have tried to cut rounded shapes from some sponges, but I just can't get them round enough. It was couple weeks ago when one of my crafty friends showed me her DIY blender tool - she had taken a large, rounded champagne bottle stopper, covered it with flat make-up sponge and wrapped with fabric. As an additional bonus, you could also put your finger in the stopper. Well I didn't have any stoppers, but I got a bit different idea:
I cut quite large piece of sponge (approx 5x5 cm - 2x2'') and placed it in the middle of a cotton fabric.

Wrap the fabric around your sponge and pull fabric so that a perfect ball shape has formed.
Tie fabric ends tightly with a piece of string. I also attached a small tag to write the name of ink this particular tool will be used for.
This tool is perfect to ink up large surfaces. I'm not quite sure, but it seems that you need a bit more ink than with a regular blending tool, but it may depend on the quality of the sponge used - mine is quite rough with large pores, so that maybe the ink absorbs in this sponge much faster than in the others.
It is also good to ink just the edges of your paper - well like any other dauber or blending tool :)
I'm not sure, but I think that these babies could also be more durable than just the plain sponge tools and you can replace your fabric with a new one any time you need.
I still haven't made all 48, because I run out of sponge material, but I hopefully will remedy that this weekend :)

So go on - go get yourself some blender tools!


  1. What a fab idea Liva, thanks so much for sharing.

  2. What a great idea! I get tired of changing the sponges on my tool too. Thanks for the tip! Hugs, Robin

  3. What an ingenious idea! I'm gonna have to try that!


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