Saturday, February 9, 2013

Peony Flower Tutorial

After making my Splash Of Color card yesterday, I felt like I needed to make a tutorial and so it's here.
All you need to make these beauties are:
  1. Sizzix Lovely Flowers die and stamp set
  2. Inks - suitable color for flower and yellow for the flower center
  3. Acrylic block or other stamping block for those acrylic stamps
  4. Blender tool or something to apply ink
  5. Ball stylus (I use metallic, approx 3mm diameter)
  6. Soft mat for shaping (I use soft mouse pad)
  7. Glue (I used PVA)
  8. Small brush to apply glue
  9. Scissors
Well this is not an exact science, so I started out by stamping and then die cutting bunch of different sized flowers. I used the dies that has deepest cuts between petals, but you can also use the ones without those cuts, but you will have to make them using scissors. You can omit the stamping if you wish, for example, if you use patterned paper to make these flowers.
This time for my larger flower I use three large flowers, two middle flowers and three smaller flowers You need two smaller ones in yellow as peonies tend to have light yellow, greenish or whiteish centers. In this step I turned over my die cut flowers and inked them using blender tool. Of-course if you have double sided paper you don't have to do this step.
If you used those more "fuller" dies, then make long cuts between petals until almost center - just don't cut those petals completely off.
You need to make some cuts even on those flowers with long cuts between petals. You may not do this to the smallest flowers if you don't want it and as I'm quite lazy, I didn't do it.
Start by shaping each petal of smallest flower. Roll your ball stylus in a round motion starting from the outside of petal towards the flower center - you will see those petals curling and rising up.
I took a side shot to show you how those petals rise up.
Keep going on all petals until they all are raised up - do some round motion in the middle of flower - it's called "cupping", because you've created a "cup". You will need to do this on all flowers.
Gather all those petals together, cover the outer ones with glue to make this tight "bud".
Place the previously made "bud" in the center of another shaped flower. Adhere it there.
Gather petals up again and glue them together. Sorry  for my ink stained fingers :)
You can place your yellow center directly inside the middle sized shaped flower, but it sinks quite in, so I make something to rise that center up a bit.
So I make a small "ball" from one of those smallest flowers and adhere it to the center for middle sized flower.
Then I add my center right on top of that small "ball" - this rises it up and makes it stand out more when the whole flower will be ready.
Gather up those petals again and glue together. At this point I like to "squash" the flower a bit to make it more "fluffier" and not so tall.
Adhere rest of flowers without gathering and gluing them together. I like to make the outer flower with stamped pattern on the outside - this way you can see it better.
You may leave it as is...
...or gather the last layer up a bit and glue those petals.
I also make smaller versions - I use just middle sized and smallest flowers. How many layers you make it's totally up to you. It all depends on how large or haw full you want it.
So here you go - quite nice addition on your flower embellishments.

Hope you like it and if you do, I would like to hear from you if you make these.


  1. Hi Liva - fab tutorial it has given me some ideas to use with the dies I win as they are similar - I will have to look for some thinner paper though to get that lovely shape as I often use bazill for my die cuts

  2. Absolutely gorgeous flowers, Liva!! And your tutorial is fabulous!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. These are so beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. I LOVE flowers!TFS these GREAT tutorials!! I tried making this flower with my Giant Flower cart and it was not
    Very PRETTY!
    Haev a wonderful day,


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