Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Love Those Vintage Frames

When I hear the words baroque, rococo, renaissance, Gothic, Art Nouveau or vintage, it seams that I get these chills all over my body. It makes me think of wondrous palaces, great celebrations, elegance, beautiful dresses and materials. So using imagery, or in this case frame, from one of those times makes me think of my creations as somewhat fitting into such celebrations and beauty.
All I did, was to print out my frame with the word Invitation in it and layer it on few other white panels. Then I added dry embossed pink panel, punched it's lower border using Fiskars border punch and wrapped white organza ribbon around it. Oh and I also added that small white fabric flower on string under my bow.
As I love light blue more than any other color - yes even pink, I decided to make one in blue as well. The only difference for this card is the printed frame and the size of my card base.

Well? Kinda fancy? What do you think?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Free Mother's Day Card Ideas

If you head over to Sizzix blog, you might find lots of interesting ideas for Mother's Day cards! You will find simple ones as well as more elaborate and complicated ones.

Friday, February 22, 2013


 Today I found an interesting challenge site called Runway Inspired Challenge. I must say that I usually am not into whimsical or ultra modern designs, but something in this one caught my eye and I decided to go with it - well and this is the result.
I used lots of Sizzix dies and stamps to make this card and especially these flowers. I started out by printing this houndstooth pattern I designed. Then I die-cut several smaller sized flowers from watercolor paper using Tattered Florals die. Then I stamped some of them using stamps from Sizzix Flowers, Daisies stamp and die set. I used Picked Raspberry and Salty Ocean Distress inks.
Then I stamped and die cut one of the banners in Sizzix Framelits Banners set. I also stamped sentiment "Just For You" on my banner. Those arrows are actually drawn from negative shape of TH grungeboard shape. I cut it out using scissors and then colored in using black ProMarker.
I wrapped some white string around my card and that was it.

I will enter this card also in:
Simon Says Use An Arrow challenge
365 Cards: Fussy cutting and stamping

There's something in this card that I just like, but I can't quite grasp what it is, hope you can :)

Whitest Of Them All

 I really like when I finally use some stamps that I own after long, long time since I got them. and this lovely couple is one of them. I got this stamp as a freebie from PaperCrafts Inspirations magazine.
I used very light shades of ProMarkers and Flexmarkers. I like that the image is "under" my background of Sizzix Regal Flourishes.
I also have shaded my rhinestone hearts with pink ProMarker to suit my image better. There's also some Stickles on the veil and roses of the bride.

Have a great day,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

There's Beauty In Wildness

 While being sick I had a lot of time to wonder - well at least while I wasn't sleeping! Mostly I dreamed about colors and textures and this card is the result of my wanderings...
 I adore the color combo of blue and brown. Too bad that I seem to run out of these large bright blue brads - I use them so often and now I actually can't remember where I got them in the first place.
This texture was created by try and error, but what I can say is that I just love my HobbyLine Craquelle Medium. On top of it is actually TH Distress crackle paint Faded Jeans.

Have a lovely day,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pink Whip Cream And White Swirls

This card is so simple, but I just like this paper so much! No wonder that I have papered some items in my craft room with it - starting from mirror as pin board and shelves.
I have some new organza ribbons - I find them easily manageable and with that slight shimmer to add the right pizzazz to my projects.
Before adding my patterned paper to my card, I printed the word "Invitation" on it. I think that this could be a good invite not just for weddings, but also some baby girl showers etc.

So have a sweet day,

Better Later...

So sorry for my absence, but I was simply sick! I had caught something, but I will find out only tomorrow what exactly it was. All these days I just felt unable to rise from my bed and even reading got me dizzy. Today at least I was able to go outside for some fresh air, but I think I got that a bit too far, as I decided to walk to our small shop and wasn't sure if I will make it to home without having to sit in some pile of snow to stop from being weak and dizzy.

Well but this post ain't about me veining all the time. It is due past me picking the winner of my Valentines Day candy, so here it is:
and guess what my surprise was, when I counted down to #16 and it turns out to be Hanneke! Congrats girl! As I haven't posted your birthday greeting due to my illness  even thou it is ready and sealed in envelope already for more than week, I hope to post it together with this candy!

I also have three new cards to share, but will do that in a separate posts.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

January Blog Candy

And as promised here is my blog candy! Nothing fancy this time, but I would like to offer some crafting goodies more often from now on, so I they will be bit smaller than the big candy previous year.

This post will stay on top of all other posts, so that everyone can easily find it!

This candy includes 2 distress inks - Weathered wood and Bundled Sage, 2 Teas glue roller - permanent and non permanent and 2 punches with star and little hearts motifs.

This Candy is available to everyone everywhere! All you need to do is to become my follower if not already (I would prefer if you would subscribe via e-mail, but the choice is yours), leave a comment with your contact details and spread some word about my candy in your own blog. That's all! Simple - isn't it?

This candy will be open till Valentines Day, February 14th. Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Inviting Leaves

Another cardlift. this time I used this card as an inspiration for my own. To be honest, I must say that the original was not at all what I liked, but I saw a possibility to improve the design to suit me and my abilities.
This is an invitation in mild pastel tones of blue and brown, but I can easily see it in pinks and yellows as well. I like the simplicity of this card - all it needs is paper, one Sizzix Sizzlits die and a ribbon.

I just red this saying: Simplicity is sophistication and I hope that this card come quite close to that :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Forever And Ever

I suppose you could say that these days I'm into cardlifting. I immerse myself into magical world of Pinterest and gather wonderful examples of wedding themed (or the ones that could be turned into wedding themed) cards, and then I try to replicate them - sometimes is just because I find the design absolutely wonderful, sometimes because that is what I can make using the materials and tools that I have at hand. And sometimes it's just because my mom finds the particular card irresistible :)
So this card is one of my cardlifted cards and here's the original design.
I loved making this card - especially because all I actually needed was scoring board, Spellbinders Parisian Accents die and Martha Stewart butterfly punch - oh and some pearls and white cardstock.

I hope my mom will like this one - she's my harshest judge of all!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Masking Tape Flowers: DIY Tutorial

I wanted to share a tutorial that I had posted some time ago on Frosted Designs blog on how to make pretty flowers using just white masking tape. Above is a card that I made using my masking tape flowers. You can use these to also decorate any paper crafting projects as well as some home decor as well.
 All you need is a punched or cut circle from a cardstock or paper scrap and white masking tape (well you can also use the yellow or other color as well, but I will get to the part why I use white ones).
 Just take the beginning of masking tape and start pleating it slightly overlapping the edge of your circle.
 When you have pleated tape all around, continue pleating it more towards the center of the circle. Do this till you've covered all your circle.
 And here's why I use white masking tape - because you can apply almost any color medium to it and have flower that matches your project. In this case I used diluted ColorWash to spray my flower.
 Add a beautiful brad or button to the center of your flower. Then ruffle up all those tape layers to give more flower like look and it's ready.
 You can also use inks to add color just to the edges of your "petals".
 As masking tape comes in different widths, experiment with all of them. The ones that are wider will give you more larger and fluffier flowers.

Well - enjoy!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Peony Flower Tutorial

After making my Splash Of Color card yesterday, I felt like I needed to make a tutorial and so it's here.
All you need to make these beauties are:
  1. Sizzix Lovely Flowers die and stamp set
  2. Inks - suitable color for flower and yellow for the flower center
  3. Acrylic block or other stamping block for those acrylic stamps
  4. Blender tool or something to apply ink
  5. Ball stylus (I use metallic, approx 3mm diameter)
  6. Soft mat for shaping (I use soft mouse pad)
  7. Glue (I used PVA)
  8. Small brush to apply glue
  9. Scissors
Well this is not an exact science, so I started out by stamping and then die cutting bunch of different sized flowers. I used the dies that has deepest cuts between petals, but you can also use the ones without those cuts, but you will have to make them using scissors. You can omit the stamping if you wish, for example, if you use patterned paper to make these flowers.
This time for my larger flower I use three large flowers, two middle flowers and three smaller flowers You need two smaller ones in yellow as peonies tend to have light yellow, greenish or whiteish centers. In this step I turned over my die cut flowers and inked them using blender tool. Of-course if you have double sided paper you don't have to do this step.
If you used those more "fuller" dies, then make long cuts between petals until almost center - just don't cut those petals completely off.
You need to make some cuts even on those flowers with long cuts between petals. You may not do this to the smallest flowers if you don't want it and as I'm quite lazy, I didn't do it.
Start by shaping each petal of smallest flower. Roll your ball stylus in a round motion starting from the outside of petal towards the flower center - you will see those petals curling and rising up.
I took a side shot to show you how those petals rise up.
Keep going on all petals until they all are raised up - do some round motion in the middle of flower - it's called "cupping", because you've created a "cup". You will need to do this on all flowers.
Gather all those petals together, cover the outer ones with glue to make this tight "bud".
Place the previously made "bud" in the center of another shaped flower. Adhere it there.
Gather petals up again and glue them together. Sorry  for my ink stained fingers :)
You can place your yellow center directly inside the middle sized shaped flower, but it sinks quite in, so I make something to rise that center up a bit.
So I make a small "ball" from one of those smallest flowers and adhere it to the center for middle sized flower.
Then I add my center right on top of that small "ball" - this rises it up and makes it stand out more when the whole flower will be ready.
Gather up those petals again and glue together. At this point I like to "squash" the flower a bit to make it more "fluffier" and not so tall.
Adhere rest of flowers without gathering and gluing them together. I like to make the outer flower with stamped pattern on the outside - this way you can see it better.
You may leave it as is...
...or gather the last layer up a bit and glue those petals.
I also make smaller versions - I use just middle sized and smallest flowers. How many layers you make it's totally up to you. It all depends on how large or haw full you want it.
So here you go - quite nice addition on your flower embellishments.

Hope you like it and if you do, I would like to hear from you if you make these.