Monday, January 28, 2013

Storage Solution: Ribbons

 Well - I've been seriously crafting for about 4 years now, and use ribbons quite often, but... I never have had any normal storage for them. That is - until now! and a one that looks so very nicelly - like a rainbow of goodness :)
All I have done, is that I wrapped my ribbons around a very thick pieces of cardstock and pinned the ends to stay put.
  and I also found a perfect box to store my ribbons in - it come with a hinged, transparent lid and has separating "wall" in the middle, so that my cardstock don't get messed up.
 This box holds all my color ribbons, except for the multicolored ones - they just didn't fit in there... and I also have to make similar storage for my white ones - especially because I seem to have them even more than the colored ones :) And there's a good reason why - because I can use all kinds of coloring tools to color them whatever color I need. I can use mists, acrylics, dyes and even alcohol markers.
This is how one of my cardstock pieces look like. I decided that if a piece of ribbon can't be wrapped around the cardstock, it must go to the scrap pile - I've acquired quite a lot of scraps by now...
I also like these relatively small pieces of cardstock, because I can easily pick one out, take it to my project, compare the colors and measure the length of the ribbon.

Hope this will be useful for you.

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