Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stickles And Perfect Pearls

Today I wanted to share a very simple storage solution I made for those little bottles of Stickles and Perfect Pearls. As you probably have guessed it is an empty Ferrero Rocher pyramid type candy holder. My mom gave it to me this Christmas and I decided to put it in good use.

I was thinking about making some sort of holder for these little ones for quite a long time now, but somehow never got to make one and now I'm glad I waited :)

As these bottles should better be kept upside down, this candy rack is the perfect solution. All I did was to glue all tiers together using super glue and then cut vertical and horizontal slit in each rounded place - then just stuck your bottle with lid in the opening.

This rack holds 24 bottles - I know it's less than all Stickles and Perfect Pearls but it is just perfect for me as I still don't have all of them. And if I will get all of them, I can easily but more candy in this wonderful rack and make one for Stickles and one Perfect Pearls :) And I also know that they have even larger pyramids so maybe you wish to get one of those.

I also added the tier with additional three candy place holders on top, even thou you can't put bottle in there, but it looks lovely when you add some paper flowers and other embellies in them.

This one should be even more better if put on a spinning tray like Lazy Susan or something. And it also could be used to store some tiny embellishments you want on hand, like fancy brads, small stickers, alphas etc.

Have a good day and storing,


  1. This is AWESOME!!Love this idea!TFS

  2. What an awesome idea, Liva!! This is fabulous!! And so creative!! Have a great day my friend :)

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