Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nothing Special - But Nevertheless...

I don't usually draw any calligraphy, but one evening, when my head was splitting in two and I couldn't do anything else than sit and watch Pride And Prejudice, I started to doodle... I doodled, doodled until an idea formed to make a little sign of my and my hubbies names. And this is what turned out in the end.
sure it's not perfect, but you've got to start somewhere :)

Daily Tidbit: Birdie


I suppose I simply can't get away from Schlaflos site - every, absolutely every picture from this site wows me away!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Really Do Love You!

Finally my banner-o-mania was unleashed :) I've kinda wanted to incorporate banners in my projects, but even thou the shapes are quite simple, never have liked to make them by hand. And I also happen to like stamped banners - well I have an opportunity now. Because this wonderful company called Sizzix :) has provided me with an amazing banner stamp and dies set:
My hand got itchy in the moment I unpacked this item - this set is gorgeous! even thou I didn't use any stamps this time, I don't think it will have to wait for any longer, when I will use them as well.
absolutely all of paper used to make this banner come out of my scrap box and I'm so glad about that. If I'm not mistaken those were designer papers from three different collections.

As you probably have guessed the text on my banner is "I {heart} you". I cut my words using Silhouette - 3 times each and then glued one on top of the other to get the thickness and the word would stand out a bit better. I colored the top layer with V01 Copic marker, but then realized that the color was not matching my papers, so I went over with Sunkissed Pink ProMarker - got the best matching color to my papers ever :)
Then I die cut heart using Sizzix Bigz die Heart, Stem & Leaves die - this heart was the perfect size for my banner - and I also do not have any other heart die. And then I did something that I usually don't do - I embossed my die cut shape. I used Sizzix Butterflies And Flowers Set embossing folder - it had this beautiful daisy that I could easily position in the center of my heart.
On top of my heart, i adhered an old leather bow with sparkling gems - it actually came from my gloves.   Maybe I slowly turn into a hoarder  I seem to keep lot's of junk - but I also tend to use it now and then :) (what's with me and these smilies today?)
Another new thing to me is Decorative Strip dies. I got to use for the first time Tim Holtz Rosette die. As I don't own extended cutting plates and platform, it is quite inconvenient to cut it, but if you're real cautious it's totally doable. But anyway - that platform and cutting pads are 1st on my shopping list, because using those it takes twice as less time than without them and you also don't get any mistakes.
I used some macrame style ribbon to hold my banner and pearl brads in the centers of rosettes. And as a little more hearty accent, I added small pearl hearts in each corner of my banner shapes.

Now I can't decide whether to leave this lovely piece at home where I can see it every day, or to ship it off to Germany for my hubby :)

Daily Tidbit: What's With Me And Mint Green?

I just wish I new any place here where I could get some vintage china...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daily Tidbit: Drawer, Drawer Open Up

More and more gorgeousness! I think I must re-decorate my own drawers.

You're In my Heart

I don't know what it is,  but recently my attention has turned on gray. I can't actually say what it is, but gray just speaks to me. Unfortunately I don't have any gray cardstock and I think that in my city I can't get one, so must do without it...
I would love to see this card made out of gray cardstock with a white core, but this time I used white cardstock and Iced Spruce Distress ink.
I drew some flourishes in harts and cut them with my Silhouette. I really liked this idea of layering glittered hearts - love my Martha Stewart's assortment pack of glitters - haven't been a color that I couldn't find.
I also recently love to make paper ruffles - office paper is the best - it's thin and well foldable or pliable and it also take well Distress ink.
This was actually the first time I used this wonderful Sizzix Vines embossing folder even thou I've had it for a long time. It's just perfect. I applied ink directly on folder and embossed it. Then I colored all hearts using RV29 Copic marker and then went all over again with the same ink.
I also used Flowers, Branches and Leaves Sizzlits die to make those lovely white leaves sticking out under my heart. I think this is the die I use most often - it's so versatile and suits so many cards.

I had real fun making this card!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Daily Tidbit: Vintage Storage

Makes my heart weep with want - I have so much empty cans, so why haven't I got one of these?

Storage Solution: Ribbons

 Well - I've been seriously crafting for about 4 years now, and use ribbons quite often, but... I never have had any normal storage for them. That is - until now! and a one that looks so very nicelly - like a rainbow of goodness :)
All I have done, is that I wrapped my ribbons around a very thick pieces of cardstock and pinned the ends to stay put.
  and I also found a perfect box to store my ribbons in - it come with a hinged, transparent lid and has separating "wall" in the middle, so that my cardstock don't get messed up.
 This box holds all my color ribbons, except for the multicolored ones - they just didn't fit in there... and I also have to make similar storage for my white ones - especially because I seem to have them even more than the colored ones :) And there's a good reason why - because I can use all kinds of coloring tools to color them whatever color I need. I can use mists, acrylics, dyes and even alcohol markers.
This is how one of my cardstock pieces look like. I decided that if a piece of ribbon can't be wrapped around the cardstock, it must go to the scrap pile - I've acquired quite a lot of scraps by now...
I also like these relatively small pieces of cardstock, because I can easily pick one out, take it to my project, compare the colors and measure the length of the ribbon.

Hope this will be useful for you.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monster High Party

Pardon me for my brief absence, but I just had to make this party for my Big girl - well you only turn 7 once :)
This time I had a bit less to do than for the Princess party, but nevertheless it took from my a few night sleep.
I got a little panic attack when I realized, that I haven't got a black fabric to cover the table, so I actually used a Duvet cover with some Eastern symbols.
I made lots of banners that all the girls were ecstatic about. and once again used pink princess canopy.
These were also a big hit - small packets of popcorn - colored popcorn. I have named it "the poisonous popcorn". The red one turned out very nice and kids said that it was bloody. Then I also made black popcorn, but it turned out just light gray. and the blue one turned out very light green :)
To ensure that overly buttered popcorn doesn't make grease stains on my packets, I lined them with plastic wrap.
 This time I served milk with these granulated straws - kids so love that they get to have a milkshake from a straw. I don't know how healthy they are, but once in a year - why not?
Just a little green food coloring and sugar paste to make these beauties - monster cupcakes :) It was so much fun to make them and eat as well.
Sweets on Popsicle sticks and sandwiches - what more could you ask...
I made these small (A6 sized) note pads and stickers as party favors - needless to say - big surprise for the girls!

these sweet butterflies were taken to Aleksa's school to share with her classmates - simple and fun!

But I suppose the most fan was to have a photoshoot as MH Barbies themselves. I made these extra large pictures - had to print them on 9 and 6 separate A+ sized sheet each, then glue together and then glue to extra thick and large card. then I actually pinned these to my coffee table tuned on it side - it provided stability. I hope that these girls will remember this party for a long time.

I was quite exhausted after this, but now I'm ready to do some other crafting...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Time For Myself

Now and then I come up with some new ideas of self promotion and this time it is to give my mother in law my business cards that she could spread around in her everyday business of renting premises and catering for weddings and other events.
My only problem was that I hadn't made any business cards for myself for a very long time, so I had to make new ones.
I went for a very simple design, but with an interesting accent of cut out flourish and sparkling blue line under my name.
Just wanted to share it with you all - nothing special but maybe something good will come out of it...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Daily Tidbit: All The Colors Of Roses

I love rainbow colors and these coffee filter roses are so adorable. There's a tutorial for these in their original post.

Roses Are All The Range

Do you too have sometimes a yearning? Well not the one to eat something but to make something just what's in your mind? If so, then you must know how I felt about creating this card - it was so strong that I even created three of them :)
I have seen some wonderful cards with those lattice style cut outs and wanted to join it with a big and bold rose.
My very first choice of background was to use light blue - well it is my favorite color and I tend to use it wherever I can - wallpapers, dishes and so on...
I think I'm hooked on these beauties - are you too? All you need to make them is Silhouette or Cameo cutting machine, paper and foam tape.

Have a rosy day,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Daily Tidbit: Those Endless Loops

Isn't that amazing what you can do with just strips of paper, especially the paper we usually would have thrown out?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Daily Tidbit: Wonderland

Can I please, please move in there???

Monster High Party Invitations

 Already four years back, when I first started to take interest in the wide world of cardmaking, I came upon these as I call them "revolving" cards. But somehow I never thought of making one myself... well that is until I had to think of invitations for my girls MH party. I wanted that logo skull as my main focal point, but I also wanted something interesting for those little girls to be excited about, and this seemed as the best card for that.
Designing, printing and cutting these was an interesting process - somewhat easier and somewhat harder than I thought before. Now I do understand the need of those Sizzix Flip-It dies out there - this card needs a very thick base card and if you have those dies - it makes making lots of these a breeze.
The fonts I have used for this are Gothikka and Runy Tunes Revisited.

Well, that's it for the day - have a monstery time!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Swirly Wedding Invitation - Tutorial And Freebie

Lately I have been thinking about creating lots of wedding invitation samples to showcase in my Latvian webpage and thus this is one of the first invitations made by me...
I have included free printable of those swirly flourishes in the background as well as in the inside of this invitation. You may download this PDF file here. This file has embedded space for you to write in your own initials and invitation text. You may need to adjust your printing manner in order to print the inside correctly - I suggest to try out printing on some scrap paper before doing it on some fancy paper.
This file is designed for an A4 paper, but I guess that you can easily transfer it to suit letter sized document as well.
The font used for initials and inside of the invitation is Jacoba Bold and you can download it for free.

1. Print out the front of the invitation. Int this example I used some shimmery paper, but it turned out that it is not the best paper to be printed on...
2. Cut away the bottom 1/3 part of the printed paper - in my case the cut line is 99 mm from bottom of the paper.
3. Now print the inside of the invitation - just insert the paper correctly in your printer - the correct direction varies for different printer, so as I said before, try it out on some scrap paper before.
P.S. Just after printing I noticed that my hearts have turned upside down.... ...well it is just an example after all :) and this will not happen if you print from my PDF document.
4. Score the middle line on the inside of your invitation. It is 99 mm again in my case.
5. Fold the invitation in half.
6. Decide what color you want your swirls to be, or do as I do - use white card and then colour whatever color I wish using ProMarkers. Fold the A4/letter sized cardstock in half. It may be a little tricky if you want to use patterned paper for the flourishes, as you need two smaller swirls as mirror images, but larger two flourishes the same.
7. Die cut your folded card using Tim Holtz Elegant Flourishes die and your die cut machine. I love my BigShot as it is so simple to use - just place cutting plate, paper, die and another cutting plate on top and run through the machine. And the thing I like most is that BigShot comes with everything you need to start using almost any die there is - either thick or thin.

8. I chose Gold ProMarker to color my flourishes. It is more easier to do this if you leave your shapes inside the paper. Just color over the first two die-cut shape and paper.
9. Then turn your die cut paper over and color the largest flourish as is, but flip over the smallest die (I actually opened the card to color it from the other side while it still was inside the main paper).

10. Cut away the white part of this large flourish.
11. And cut away the unneeded part of the other flourish - just do it to create rounded edge.
12. Glue both flourishes together as shown in the pic above.
13. Glue both smaller flourishes at the bottom of your invitation front. See pic for reference.
14. Add foam tape to your round flourish shape. If you have pre-cut foam squares or other shape, don't be afraid to cut them in half, or more smaller shapes to fit your shape.
15. Glue your big flourish around your monogram and over the smaller flourishes.
16. Punch a medium sized heart and color it red. I used Ruby ProMarker. Of-course you can punch it from red cardstock in the first place.
17. adhere the heart to the joining point of your flourishes using thick foam tape.

In the end I also experimented a bit with GlossyAccents and covered all the small hearts and flowers as well as my monogram with them for a bit of a shine. That's all - I hope you like this tutorial and my freebie!

Have a lovely time and lots of love in your life,