Monday, October 8, 2012

Just For Me - Finally Something For Me!

For so long a time I have longed for a vintage letter rack and now finally I've created one.
It started out just as an idea that I sketched on piece of paper and added some approximate measurements. Then I designed my rack in Illustrator at an exact scale and printed out my blueprints.
 Then there was lots of cutting of cardboard boxes and assemblage using hot glue gun.
And the most unpleasant part - applying filler, letting it dry, then sanding and applying again and sanding again. Well it needed more, but it just wasn't in me anymore... Then I gessoed all surface and painted with white acrylic paint.
Then came the best part - applying various Graphic45 A Ladies' Diary papers (and one from the Bird Song). I used PVA for adhering all papers - worked like charm and didn't get paper wet either. I inked all edges with Walnut Stain Distress ink.
I made this large flower by handdrawing/cutting petals and then assembling them. Added large lace bow, two brads on top of each other as flower center and a floral piece from a broken watch.
Lovely chipboard tags, fabric rose with misted center, more lace, colorful feathers and a piece of a broken bracelet (so many of my jewelry wen into this :)
Some paper cutouts and a small fabric flower with rhinestone in middle - I think it came from my kids shoes.
That ticket chipboard border is just fabulous! And I added few paper flower petals, metallic leaves and a small piece from another broken watch.
These coinlike pendants came from my skirt belt - I never actually have used it on me - it went stright in my craftroom :)
 This is the best part of all rack - this tag is so beautiful, but I also added fabric flower, rhinestones and that cute hart from my sisters broken shoes :) I also have a thin lace tied through tag hole and paper flower petal peaking under the tag.
I decided to use some more of the wonderful tags to make an actual hanging tag from one of the racks drawer knobs. I added soem punched flowers, brads, lace and beads.
I masked places where papers were "stitched" together, by using small lacy pieces and metallic flowers - cute little detail!

There is no sweeter thing than once in a while make something for yourself - so do it!


  1. What a fabulous creation. Nobody would ever guess it was made from cardboard boxes to look at it!! Stunning - hope you get lots of letters to put in it now!
    Dawn xx

  2. Liva it is beauitful,you are so talented,thanks for sharing all your creations.are you going to have a pattern for it.

  3. Wow, wow, wow, this is fabulous!! I want one!! I would never have guessed it was made from cardboard!! Love it!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts


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