Friday, September 21, 2012

Celebration Of Childhood - FD Fabulous Friday Triangles Challenge

 This is where I wan to write my journalling: "You're a child - my child! You have all your life in front of you and all the possibilities of the world lay beside your feet. Your laughter are true and joy - inexhaustible. The spark of happiness and mischief shines in your eyes. This day is for you - You are so beautiful! I love you, my baby!"
When thinking about triangles in crafting, all that comes into my mind is bunting. So I went looking for a photo that could be "bunted" around and found this lovely pic of my girl in swing at the celebration of childhood. It's something similar to christening except it has nothing to do with Church.
 I cut my girl out and hang the swing from the bunting of lots of patterned paper pennants. Well before that I also did lots of misting and printed journalling and sentiments on the edges of paper.
I added smaller bunting in the downs right corner as well - I think I got carried away with making of bunting :)

Have the most wonderful day,

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