Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some News And Gratitude

I will begin with my deepest gratitude to all of you who are now following me - and for those who had followed me from the beginning even more! At this moment I have 109 followers - that is a number I never expected to reach :)
But I am even more grateful for the absolutely lovely comments and inspiration you all have brought to me. I will try to get to each of you and say a personal thank you, but that might be somewhat hard right now... This morning I took my girls to kindergarten and when I walked away and turned to wave for Emilia, something clicked in my neck and now I feel severe pain in my neck when I try to turn my head to left side. Hopefully this will go away soon enough for me to craft and visit all of you!

And I just wanted to mention one more thing - as for request of Jocelan, I have put the cutting files of my Love Flower in my Etsy store, so if you would also like to have it, you are welcome in my shop.

Hopefully you all feel good and will be back here some other time as well,


  1. Hope it isn't anything serious. My prayers are with you to heal quickly and craft soon!

  2. Hi Livia.. I am a new follower!! The very same thing happened to me once , very sore!! It lasted for a few days and the doctor told me it was a pinched nerve... one other time I woke with it and couldn't lift my head or move my body even without excrutiating pain , this time it was Rye Neck which is caused by a virus, it lasted up to a week... I think yours is the first and really hope it is...Thank you for the most awesome giveaway!!! Congrads on your 107 followers!!! Now 111!!! I just reached 73 and am soooo excited! I will be back often! Your blog is gorgeous!!!

  3. Hope your neck is better soon Liva

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  5. Ha, ha...I'm number 115! I think that's an impressive number. Your blog is lovely...I'm looking forward to visiting your Etsy shop. I hope you stop by and visit my blog as well...currently I'm in the middle of a giant card-making blog-hop! (I've had that annoying neck pain before -it usually gets better, but I would recommend a visit to the chiropractor if it doesn't go away soon.) Hugs!

  6. 193! I say 193 followers! Absolutely fantastic Liva! you ligthen up in blogland wherever you go and leave your trails of sunshine and butterflies, words of kindness and your beautiful smile! Way to go my girl!! Much much love


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