Monday, February 27, 2012

My Blog Candy Winner!!!

It has been such an incredible month! I was going for my 50th follower but turned out to be 214! This is simply amazing. I couldn't thank you all enough for your encouraging comments and other surprises some of you have awarded me with :)
I am truly sorry if I haven't been following you back or haven't commented on your blog, but I have visited them all, just haven't had time to do this much commenting...

As there were so many comments and some of you commented even several times, I decided to pick the winner from my followers widget at this exact moment and... well it turned out, that I had to use three times to get to the lucky winner, because first two times I picked numbers
131 (Kathlene) and 49 (Starla B) but both these ladies haven't commented on my Candy post, so I had to draw another time and this time it was...
and #76 on my follower list is my fellow Latvian Anda from Lietumslāšu simfonija. So little bit in Latvian: lūdzu sazinies ar mani, lai varam sarunāt, kā nodošu Tev sav dāvaniņu. Mani var sameklētr pa e-pastu vai telefonu 29497461.

And once more - huge thank you to all who have become my followers and left me such wonderful comments. I hope to do something like this again, as now I know how much fun this can be. Most probably I will do this again towards May - for my birthday this time :)

Have fun and take care,


  1. Congratulations to the lucky winner

  2. wow! Tas ir... neticami! Paldies :)

  3. congrats to the winner !

    :-) Nina

    PS - I'm arranging an ATC swap if you want to join

  4. Well done to the winner xxx hugs amanda

  5. Congrats to all the lucky winners :)


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