Monday, February 20, 2012

Did Some Sweetie Drawings

I hadn't participated in Digital Drawing Challenge for some quite long time now, but somehow today it just felt like digging out my pens and pencils to draw few entries for this times "Critter Comedy or Crazy Characters" theme. I went looking for inspiration and found three wonderful images to be inspired from, but... Well the third one was with this cute little kitten, but I found out that fur is just not the thing for me.
This is Pete The Speedy. It makes me smile a bit!
And this is Annie The Ellie! Don't know why but this elephant looks like a girl to me - must add a bow when making a card :) She is very cute - think that she will be on my next card.

Hope you like my little critters :)


  1. Oh hun, these are precious! Good luck in the challenge, your drawings are amazing. I definitely would add a bow to Annie! Pete really looks like he needs a piece of wheat hanging out of the side of his mouth, too....LOL!

  2. They are adorable. I especially love the elephant.

  3. Fun images you have. Your elephant is just so cute!

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  4. Great images! I think the elephant looks like a girl too! Hugs, Hanneke

  5. Oh my gosh...these images are way too the monkey the most.

  6. Yes that cute elephant looks like a girl to me too... maybe because of the eyes.. Love it!
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