Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crafted Stork

 My daughter Aleksa is having a presentation about storks in her kindergarten. Each child had to craft a stork and hand in a fact sheet, fairy tail or other stories about storks. As usual I wen on-line to browse for inspiration. My first thought was to make a poly clay or felt stork, but then I saw these amazing storks from Something Created Everyday and decided to make something similar.
I found a nice photo of stork and cut it out in PhotoShop. Then I added grass and mirrored images. I also cut out wings and printed everything out. Then I cut out my stork in grass and wings - adding little flops for wings and some BIG flops under the grass.
Glued tops of storks together and folded grass flops to back and glued them together forming a triangle for base.
Folded wing flops and attached to both sides of my stork. At first I thought that I will make some concertina folds so that my wings would stay open, like those honeysuckles in the original image, but they somehow stayed in pretty shape just the same, so I didn't have to add anything!
And here's our fact sheet. In truth I found out some amazing things about storks for myself. I gathered bunch of stork clip-arts and made a border in PS.
I just had to include the photo of one of our money models featuring "stork making a nest". I must say that our national bank makes such beautiful money. Originally one lat coin has a salmon on it and two lat coin has cow, but they also makes these celebratory one lat coins and these features heart, national ring Namejs, stork, snowman and many other beauties! Lots of people tend to collect them - me occasionally as well. This is the reason why we don't want to change our money to euros, but that would be so convenient...

Stork in our country is also called "The blessed bird", so I wish you a ll many blessings,

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  1. What a great presentation! Love the stork you made. Hugs, Hanneke


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