Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Apron A La Donna Downey Style

 Some of you might have noticed how much I admire Donna Downey and all her works. For some time now I have wanted to make an apron inspired by her own amazing aprons. Well - I finally did it. All from scratch - sewed my own apron and then colored and decorated it.
 My main decors consist of these three organza flowers. In real life that orange is not so intense and those blooms go more together with my background... I used lots of brads and metal filigree butterfly.
Eeven the text here is taken from Donna's apron but changed just a bit, because it says: "I believe, that I can color the world in the brilliant colors of my dreams". All lining was done with Marabu brown textile marker.
And finally - ruffles, lace and roses! How cute they go all together. I must admit that this part of my apron I like the most.
Actually I wanted to finish this apron so badly, because I have decided to make a video tutorial on decoupaged bag. You all have been asking me so much of how I did my decoupaged wallet, that I decided to make a tutorial for a matching bag :) And well I need a good looking apron to stand before my camera, don't I?

Hope you like it and I won't stain it too badly... actually this one can be hand washed, as I used Ranger ColorWash spray inks that can be heat set and then washed. also my flowers are from fabric and brads can withstand hand wash as well.

Enjoy the beauty around you,


  1. ļoti skaists priekšauts, lai tā nēsāšana iedvesmo uz vēl daudziem skaistiem mākslas darbiem ne tik virtuvē! :)

  2. Wow, this is FANTASTIC! Now I can't wait to see the video tutorial and you in your apron, of course. Gorgeous colors and wonderful design. I love Donna Downey. She is so inspiring. Did you know that Unity Stamp Co. carries an entire line of stamps by her? Just thought I would share that with you.
    Here is a link to the stamps

  3. Such a fabulous apron! I love how you've added so much colour and texture to this! Enjoy wearing it!

  4. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL creation! Great JOB!

  5. this apron is so beautiful, i could use this one. lol. am going to try designing my own apron too.
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