Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sweetpea To Love

This is my second art canvas. As I wanted my background this time to be pinkish, I decided that this time it is inspiration time for Love! Well some may say that sweet-pea isn't the most romantic flower to go with it, but their smell really makes me thing of a romantic summer evenings...
This one really was made just using acrylic paints. Thou I wanted to make some stamping on it, but just couldn't figure out how to get a clean impression on a stretched canvas. So someone could help me with an advice? I would really appreciate that...

Be loved and love,

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  1. I've never tried stamping on a stretch canvas but I wonder if you had a piece of wood or book unneath to give it support and your brush strokes would have to be very smooth for an clear stamped image. Good Luck with it you could always paint on a board too
    hugs Nikki C


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