Sunday, January 22, 2012

Had To Have A Replacement...

Recently I broke the jar where I kept our teeth brushes in our bathroom, so now I had to replace it with something. It does seems stupid to go out and buy something new, when I can recycle and turn something unused into something beautiful.
So that's what I did - took an old flower pot that no one has used for over than about five years and decoupaged it with nice waterlilies. I couldn't just stop at that, so I also decoupaged in the similar manner this plain Palmolive liquid soap dispenser. Now I have a perfect match for my brushes and soap. And as they both are covered with vitrifying lacquer they are perfectly safe to be stored in a bathroom with lots of water around them :)

Have a waterlilyish day,


  1. These are gorgeous sweetie. You are so talented hun.


  2. WOW so clever and very pretty, can I ask how you did it?

  3. this is beautiful!!!!!
    I never would have thought to use a flower pot!!!!. what a GREAT idea, I love to re-use items around the house also,
    you are so very talented, I am glad I came across your blog....


I am always so thrilled about your comments - no matter how good or bad they are :)