Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally My Own Decoupaged Wallet

I bought a black cloth wallet/planner from a charity shop with one thought only - black is not my color, but I would love to change that... So here it is - my decoupaged and changed wallet. My previous one was all worn and truthfully it was too small for all my discount and coupon cards :)
I used several Stamperia tissues to cover my wallet - but they all remind me this romantic vintage like style - I just love it!
The best part of this wallet is that you can place you're own paper in it so that you will always have a planner or note pad with you!

Oh and now finally I have a place to show off my sweeties!
This is how the wallet looked at the first place - all black cloth.

I'm so happy for this project - just hope that the money will stay in this wallet longer than it used to in the previous one :)

Have a prosperous time,


  1. Liva this is gorgeous and such a total transformation. How on earth did you change the colour from black to that natural??
    Denise xx

  2. This is one I would love a tutorial on. Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. You are a genius sweetie. Fabulous transformation.


  4. You did an amazing job with this wallet! Beautiful.
    Rae Ann O.

  5. amazing job! such a gorgeous wallet, wish I had one :)

  6. Truly beautiful! So vintage.
    Love your style.


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