Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas In Kindergarten

Just wanted to show a quickie scrapbook double layout I made for Aleksa's kindergarten Christmas party. It's a hybrid page, but came out quite nice. Hope that after some years Aleksa will appreciate it!


  1. Oh how fab, love the photos, i have posted about your blog here;-

    Hope you like it and you get lots of followers, you really deserve it hunny,
    Luv n Hugz
    Kenzie xx

  2. Hi Liva. I stopped over at the suggestion of Kenzi. Your layout is fabulous and I am sure she will grow to appreciate it for years to come! Happy to be a new follower!

  3. very nice layout. i'm looking around your blog put not finding my answer, so I must ask, what language is that? It's very neat looking

    1. I come from Latvia and thus our language is Latvian!

  4. How wonderful is this! I don't have to wonder if Alexa will like your fab double-pager, she's simply bound to! xoxox


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