Friday, January 27, 2012

Be Yourself Lotus

One day I sat at my kitchen table and was looking at my turquoise wall with golden cut-out art on it. And once more I realized how much I love light blue/turquoise color. Then I remembered that Donna Downey is having an art canvas lessons this year and the one from January was so inspiring, that I want to make lots of 12'' canvases, so that I will be able to hang them in my craft room wall in two columns from ceiling to floor...
So - went to store, got few canvases and made two in one evening :) I had forgotten how absolutely amazing it is to just work with paint - pure paint and nothing more...
Well actually on this one I used a Gesso before painting. I laid it out using spatula, so that there is a lot of texture on my background.
I have always liked lotuses and magnolias (well they are not my favorite flowers but very close), so I have tons of wonderful pics of them (they don't grow here in Latvia). I took one of my favorite ones and drew from it this lovely bloom.
And it would be nice to have inspiring words finally appearing on my walls, so this one is "Be yourself" and it really felt like when I was doing this piece - I really was being just myself!

So be yourselves as well,

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