Thursday, December 22, 2011

Brand New Christmas Wreath Plate

sometimes I can't believe how my ideas are held up for enormously long time... I got this idea a year ago, when I was browsing our local mall for some Christmas decorations. I saw this large plastic plate you put under the plant pots and just new that I want to decoupage it with a wreath inside it and to use it for our Christmas dinner. Well it's been a year and here it finally is!
I used lots of gold and ivory acrylic paints to make background and then adhered wreath cut from napkin.
I used my best varnish - the one that dries for 24hours but after that turns into somewhat glass finish and you can even wash things covered with this varnish in a dishwasher (well maybe not this one, as it is a plastic one)...

Have a peaceful Christmas eve,


  1. WOW, Liva...this is just GORGEOUS!! You always have the BEST projects!

    Merry Christmas!

    xx Star

  2. You amaze me with your creations. This plate and the salt jar are awesome. Hugs, Linda


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