Thursday, December 1, 2011

1st Of December - Time For Christmas Calendar

Oh my God! It's already 1st of December! Where did the time go? Never mind that I have no idea how the whole year went by, this is the day to share my very latest creation of Christmas calendar with sweet treats for my girls.
Each year I try to make something different and this year I had so much inspiration coming from all sides, that it was very hard to choose what to make, but just until I saw this wonderful box you may find here:
My very first thought was about Christmas calendars, but as there are just 12 boxes, I started to work my brain and calculated, that by adding two more boxes between each star point, you get 24 boxes...
Design idea came from PaperCrafts Inspirations magazine milk cartoon Christmas calendar story posted in November issue.
So here's how I did it:
I made this template to be printed out on the back sides of 12'' sturdy patterned papers, but you can print out one and then just trace around to fit two templates on one sheet of paper. So obviously you need 12 sheets of 12'' paper.
Cut out template and score all lines - you will notice that I haven't cut the upper flap into two different flaps...
..that's because I'm lazy, and when I flip my paper around with patterned side up and apply double sided tape, I do this to both flaps at once and do the cutting afterwards. (By the way - did I say that I stacked three sheets of paper on top of each other and cut them together?)
Now cut slantwise of corners of all flaps. As I'm even more lazy, usually I first removed the backing paper from tape and did the cutting just after that.
Atart assembling box from the bottom of it.
This is how box has to look when assembled. It is large enough for several candies, cookies or small chocolate figurines.
I inked all edged of my box - especially for lid!
Cut slightly smaller triangles to cover lid - I used leftover scraps that were left after cutting box shapes out.
Attach Tim Holtz Hitch fasteners (2 packages needed - and that was all it was possible to get here in Latvia). I suppose it is possible to use any buttons or ribbons threaded through eyelet hole, to be used as opener.
Print out differently colored numbers and cut them out - I was amazed how quickly I did that!
You may print my pre-made number if you wish:

I also die cut snowflakes from the lightest scarps using my all new Spellbinders Create A Flake dies. But I forgot to ink edges and thus they do not stand out as well as I would wish for.
Glue snowflakes on top of each box and then randomly add numbers with sticky foam.
I also made a matching box and below there is a template (unassembled), but because I made it very late last night there is no tutorial of it - sorry folks. All I can say is that I printed template on 32X46cm (approximately 13X18'' paper) and that square is meant to go side by side with every edge of base template - it makes one huge shape!
Fill your boxes with tasty treats - I always say my girls that we have to leave these boxes for the night and during it, elves will come and fill them with sweets.

Have a very, very sweet and cozy Christmas waiting time,


  1. Wow Liva - this is totally gorgeous.
    Denise xx

  2. Liva, this is so amazing!! You always have the best, most creative pojects, and I love that you are sweet enough to share the tutorials with us. Thank you! You are truly an inspiration.

    xx Star

  3. WOW, this is gorgeous and how clever of you to work it all out, beautiful


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