Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Something Sweet For A Nameday

Hey, hey - my Aleksa had a name day! So it means she had to take treats to her kindergarten group. Recently I saw a wonderful idea - butter cookies shaped like huge buttons and threaded with ribbon. So I decided that this could be a wonderful idea for kids treats as well.
I used two size round cookie cutters and a paper template for holes - holes were actually cut using an empty pen tube - didn't have small enough round cutter.
I also added small oval tags with fairy princess stamps and glitter wings. Sentiments on tags says: Some small treat at my name day. Aleksa".
This is how 30 bundles of cookies looks like - that's 150 cookies together as I tied 5 cookies together.
And a lovely close up - I think I will use this as a desktop wallpaper - so that to remind me that I was half dead by the time these were ready :)

Have a sweet day,

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  1. Gracias, mi niña por tu comentario. Desde luego este trabajo merece estar en lo alto de blog, que ademas te digo que es precioso, cuando lo he abierto me ha encantado, alegre y adorable.
    Tienes mucha creatividad y me gusta lo que he visto, gracias por ponerte en contacto conmigo y así conocerte y ver todas estas maravillas.


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