Monday, October 3, 2011

When Destiny Makes His Own Corrections...

Saturday evening I arrived at my MIL's house just to realize that Emilia has fallen very sick - suddenly she had high temperature and very nasty cough. Basically that meant that I had to stay at home in Sunday when the craft fair was due to happen. Today I'm taking Emilia to my old doctor, who treated me and my sister when we were children. We are still here at MIL's house as I'm a bit afraid to take Emilia in long car drive to our own house. And as I hadn't planned on staying here so long, I haven't taken any craft items with me. I had planned so many things to do today, but now I'm just stuck here. I hope that doctor will tell that there is nothing serious with Emilia and I can take her home.

Take care of you and your children,

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