Monday, October 10, 2011

Cardlifted Wall Art

After I saw this beautiful creation of Mona L. Pendleton from Cupcake's Creations, I just knew that I simply must make this into a wall art for my studio!
I decided to use Claudine Helmuth 12'' sticky back canvas as a base and then gessoed lots of torn phone book and note papers. After it all dried, I inked my background with green, blue and slightly pink Distress Inks.
I used simple Spellbinders scalloped circle dies for my flowers - black card and tissue paper topped with free digital doily stamps on plain office paper. Flower centers are from artificial acrylic flowers I purchased in home decor store. I just snipped blooms apar and used them as brads as they had two wires as stems.
I punched bunch of butterflies from patterned paper scraps and surrounded them with liquid pearl flourishes. I also drew around each of the pearls with black fine liner pen. I must say that it looks more nicer than in this photo :)
I don't have any lace stamps, so I downloaded lacy image and made it into a printed rub on, but as my background wasn't flat what with all the gesso and wrinkles, and that I did not wait for the ink to dry a bit, my rub on turned out as something very faded or distressed. I must say that I rather like it that way :)
I added this metallic flower embellishment in the corner as it has three flowers just like on the layout. I bought in in our local Abakhan some time ago.

I sure like my new wall art, hope you do too,


  1. Oh my goodness! I am so honored and flattered Liva that you were inspired by my project! Your sample is GORGEOUS! Your flower garden looks stunning and I love your pretty butterfly fluttering about! Thanks for making my day :)

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