Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Wine Bottle

Recently I had to make a gift wrap for a wine bottle. I had never done this before and had not much time either. So all I did was to take brown large card and stamp it with leaves stamps and embossing ink. Then I embossed my pattern with copper embossing powder. I wrapped my card around bottle and glued vertical edge with double sided tape.
Next I squished top side of paper cylinder and cut rectangle with craft knife.
Then I wrapped very wide ribbon with sparkly leaves around my bottle and through my cut rectangle.
Only thing left to do, was to tie a knot. I also used leftover from my previously used ribbon to tie it around the first knot.

A very fast and easy way to giftwrap a plain bottle - I sure will try to do this some time again.


  1. Superb gift wrap for the bottle of wine, Liva, the paper with the leaves and ribbon looks beautiful.
    Lorraine x

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