Wednesday, October 19, 2011

50th Birthday For A Very Gallant Gentleman

I suppose everyone might agree that it is very hard to make cards for men and not just every men, but the ones that would not find likeable cards with any cartoons or humor. Well I had to make a card for just that kind of a gentleman. My uncle to be exact. He celebrated his 50th birthday this Sunday. He has always been involved with government and parliament, so he always is so very polite, accurate and well... somewhat scary :) But nevertheless, had to figure out a card that would fit him. I went browsing the web for inspirations and found this photo of Victorian gentleman sitting in a chair - he really reminds me of my uncle.
I used brown card as a base for my card, but I wanted some more shine to it, so I clearembossed it with embossing powder.
Then I printed my gentleman on a white card and inked with Distress ink. Then I thought that my gentleman looks too plain compared to my card base, so I clearembossed that as well using glue pen to trace over my image. I should say that it would look better, if I had done this before inking my paper, so that there would be more white highlights.
Oh I love my handmade bow easy! Now making bows are so much easier - especially the ones with big ribbons and the ones that are meant for very elegant cards :)
I printed number on white card and did everything just like with my gentleman - inked and embossed. To finish up my arrangement, I cut in three parts some lacy metal leaf and piled along the top edge of my number. Small, brown paper flower was sure a touch I wasn't able to leave out - a girls has to have her treats as well
(and by that I mean me, with my love for paper flowers).

Well, that was fun, aye? And the party was anyway - met my long unseen relatives and ate some good food :)
Take care and go visit some relatives of yours,

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