Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wall Art From Old Mirror

When we briefly lived in our own flat, I purchased a very cheep mirror. When we moved back into our house, we actually had no place where to put it - especially now, when I've changed all our rooms so much. when I had arranged all furniture in my craftroom, an empty space appeared on one of the walls, so I thought that it would be nice to put my mirror there, but horizontally. Later I got an even better idea - cover all mirror area with thick cardstock and patterned papers, so that only frame is left, and use it as wall art or message board - or both :)
As the original mirror frame was some sort of dirty looking gold, I decided to paint it with white acrylic paint.
When paint dried, I went over it with sanding paper to reveal some of that color underneath the paint, so that my frame would look a bit more shabby.
Next I made an exact size cardboard rectangle as the size of mirror and covered with patterned papers, aligned in strips - I started with the middle strip, so that I could have that one in place and wouldn't need any additional positioning of the other strips.
I covered vertical edges of patterned papers with golden ribbon - the same one I used for my tool bucket's handle.
Then I folded all paper edges backwards and adhered them to the other side of cardstock. Then I adhered all my panel to mirror and hanged it to my wall!
I decided to start filling this wall board with my most precious photos of my loved ones. I was especially glad, that I got to use these weird gelly heart stickers that I had now about two years or so...
I plan to add some huge die cut words to this and fill with some more precious memorabilia, so I guess I will show you how it looks some time later.

Hope this inspires you to redesign your own old household items and turn them into something more special,

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