Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Page Shelf - My Dream Come True!

Now over a year ago I got this idea of creating a shelf that would fit all my medium sized items, like punches and decoupage glue tubes etc... I have an issue with space in my craft room, so I wanted that this shelf would not be wide. As I don't like that my things are behind each other - that usually means just one thing, this shelf should not be deep - just so that I can place a jar of flowers or punch in it. But this also means that I will not be able to put lots of things in this kind of shelf. I started to work on this problem, and I found a solution - page shelf.
This is my new self-made shelf (it should have been done by my DH, but as I gave him so much work, what with all room moving, when he was here in Latvia, that he didn't manage to make it - so I made it myself :).
Basically these are two very narrow shelves, that I've attached together with hinges and they have wheels at their bottom, so I can move them and open and close lake pages of a book.
This is how my shelf looks like when "pages" are shut. I suppose you can see what I meant about things being behind each other - it is hard to understand whats deeper in the shelf, so all I need to do is just open it up! This kind of shelf lets me save space, as when closed it uses the same amount of space as a regular book shelf. Actually I plan to add one more page to this shelf some time later.

This is how my shelf looks like from side, when it is closed.
Here I have placed all my punches. I hope that you can see, that I have added small transparent organic glass side boards, so that my separate shelves are turned into boxes, as they are so narrow, nothing will fall out, but I can still clearly see what's in each shelf.
And these are my paper flowers (well not all actually, but I need to buy nice looking jars to put those others in).
This is just a closeup of my shelf, when it is closed. It kind of looks that I have lots of punches - well maybe I do - I just wish that I would use them more often. And now that I can actually see them all - maybe I will!

I can't say that this shelf was cheep to make - organic glass alone costed about 10 dollars and then there are wood, screws, hinges, metal angles (I hope that this is the correct name for those things that you put in corners, so that they would stay in exact angle) and paint. And you do need to have screwing machine, wood cutting thing (have no idea how it is called) and lots of space where to assemble all this thing. But I can't say it wasn't worth it.

I hope that this post will inspire you to come up with new storage ideas of your own, but if you use my shelf idea, I would be glad if you referred to me and would not claim this as your own idea.

Wishing you a very wonderful time however you chose to spend it,

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