Friday, September 30, 2011

How Does 145 Cards Look Like?

This how! There are 145 cards that I have made in about two years time - well not all of them, because some are given and some are taken away from me (my dear family does love to use my cards when necessary :)
I have never put them in one place like that, so it was kind of interesting to see how many I have and how it all looks.

I am doing this because I will try to sell them at craft fair (in Latvia that basically means traditional items, like knitted socks and carved spoons etc...) which will take part this Sunday at my MIL's workplace - museum+restaurant+sauna+lots of more....
I'm gonna bring also some of my decoupage works and see how it goes.

I will share this news also in Sassy Cheryl's Blog Show Me#44.

Now I will go and sort out my washed laundry, so that's why take care and see you again in next week,


  1. Wow lots of cards,good luck with your Craft

  2. Skaisti! Un tik daudz! Veiksmi tirdziņā! :)

  3. Well, I know you're going to sell each and every one of them. They are GORGEOUS! I can see why your family takes them. I'd be in on the thefts too! :)
    Thanks for playing in the SMThursday fun at Sassy Cheryl's this week! Just lovely!

  4. You have some amazingly beautiful creations here, so I'm in no doubt that you're going to be extremely successful. I'm so glad to see you posting on the Show Me Thursday. I love seeing what other people are doing.


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