Monday, September 19, 2011

Comforting Emilia As She Starts Kindergarten

As Emilia is just two years old and has started to attend kindergarten last week, she is experiencing some difficulties of being away from me for the whole day and having to have a nap in other place than her own bed. Thus I was looking for some ways to make all this thing easier for her and I was so glad when I saw Jennifer McGuire post for mommas of young ones.
As she does not have a backpack and simple looking at pictures would not be as fun, I decided to make her a coloring book with added bonus - photos of her loved ones.
 As she is really into Dora cartoons at the moment, I downloaded some free printable coloring pages of Dora and compiled them into a book along with photos.
All pages were binded with book rings, so I can add even more pages as these will be colored. Hope that this will assure her that I love her and will never leave her. Otherwise it is very hard for me to see that she cries when I go away from her in the morning.

I wish that every little heart could be as easily healed as it is easy to make this coloring book...
Be safe!

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  1. awww! this is cute!! i would love to have copy of this! Baiba


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