Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrating My Own Kitchen

If someone of you didn't know it, I live in a quite huge house which I share with my daughters, (sometimes) my husband, mother and grandmother. Until recently I shared it with my sister as well, but she moved to live and study in Paris. This means that her room is free and I could finally give my daughters their own room. This also meant that I have one free room I could turn into my craft room and move it from "kitchen room" where I had established it before. And this also meant that now I have a normal kitchen (again) for myself. This actually means that now I have whole second story of our house to me and my daughters and I can enjoy simple pleasure of cooking my own food without mysteriously disappearing ingredients, broken appliances and other disturbing things which tend to happen when you share kitchen with someone else - especially grandmother :)
So yesterday my girls asked for a cake and as I had read a wonderful recipe in Better Homes and Gardens online site that morning, I thought that it would be a wonderful way to celebrate the fact that I have a kitchen for my own again!
This cake is incredibly sweet and delicious, so my diet went screaming away when she saw this temptation :) When it comes to food, I don't go for the looks (so the pic is not as wonderful as it was in the BHG site), but rather for the taste.
When I will make it next time, I won't make that toffee sauce, but replace it with simple milk ice cream and I will definitely add crushed almonds to batter, because I added some on the top of the cake just so it would look slightly better, but it tasted so good together (thou I must warn that I'm some sort of an almond addict).

Just as in crafting, I love to try new ingredients and dishes that I have never used before. So this time was no exception. I don't think that you could believe it, but until few years ago here in Latvia we had not heard of a brown sugar before, so this was the first time I used one (instead of dark brown sugar I used light brown sugar, because I accidentally bought the wrong one, but it tasted delicious anyway). I had also never used dates in cooking (I must say that I didn't use fresh dates, but dried ones, as it is almost impossible to buy fresh ones here - oh you must think that I do live in some kind of undeveloped country, but that is not quite true, we're just somewhat old fashioned and try new things reluctantly, thus most people don't try and don't buy foreign fruits or spices).

Well, if someone bothered to read this babbling of mine this far, I wish you a very sweet day and if you happen to be in Riga today - I still have piece of this cake to share with you :)

Best wishes,

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