Friday, August 12, 2011

Stretch Card - Tutorial

Kathie from Beary Wishes asked me to show how I made my stretch card for little Paula, so I decided to make a tutorial.
Here are the things you need:

  1. One sheet double sided cardstock (I have used here paper from g.c.d. studios Ella Blue pad, but it's actually too thin to support card nicely)
  2. ruler, pencil and paper trimmer or scissors
  3. any embellishments you like - no glue!!!

Decide how wide and high your card will be. In my case it will be 10cm (about 4'') wide and 15cm (about 8'') tall. So you need two rectangles in hight matching your cards hight and double the width of your card, so 15x20cm.
Fold and unfold or score your rectangles in half as shown in photo.
Now on the back of one of your rectangle draw lines like showed in photo - basically you are dividing rectangle in 4ths and from left side measure 1/3 of hight from bottom and draw a line connecting this mark with right top corner. You have to cut this sloped line.
For the other rectangle you have to do the same, just mirrored to other side.
Now you have to cut 1/2 of the lines that you drew in previous step, just alternate wether you're cutting from top or bottom - for both lines and both shapes. See photo to better understans - red lines shows where you must cut.
Now you have to attach both small sides - place one piece of paper into other pieces slot.
And you do the same for the high slots.
You will get something like this,
but if you squish it,
it will stand more nicer. Now all you have to do is just embellish this however you wish.
This is the card I made this time. I used embossed and glittered border and tag stickers from Hono, and some brads, twine and lace from my stash.
This is how this card looks like when its flat.
I'm going to enter this card in CES challenges with the theme of blue!


  1. Fabulous tutorial Liva! Thank you so so much for putting this together to show us how to make a stretchy card! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Kathie

  2. Wow factor and thanks heaps for this tutorial...i am going to try one NOW....Annie from Aussie...x

  3. Thanks for the tut!! I will give this a try.


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