Friday, August 12, 2011

Basketful Of Apples + Giveaway!

Oh I've been busy - it's just a clap on my own shoulder :) But I really am happy of what I was able to make and that my inspiration really felt like flowing out of basket (full of apples) :)
And this is what I was busy with:
I designed these apple inspired stamps. Even thou it is meant as a set for autumn I could not restrain myself from including one branch with apple blossoms as well. I am especially happy about that basket, because it can be filled with that apple pile I have in this set as well as with any other stamps you might already own - flowers, fruits and all other stuff you usually can place in a basket.
This couple I will enter in Digital Drawing Challenge of Something Hanging.

And now - if you will become my follower and comment on this post, you might get this whole set as a freebie! My sets includes white and transparent 300 dpi versions in png format, jpg version + all images as PhotoShop brushes.


  1. What an amazing set. I am so happy I found you on the Blog Link page. I'm off to surf all your pages. DianeL

  2. These apples are absolutely gorgeous

  3. Wow your set of apples is incredible...and I love the one's that you entered into the challenge. The apples and leaves are very true to life.

  4. Your apples and leaves are so realistic. I was blown away when I saw them on CDAC and have voted. Keeping my fingers crossed that you win :)

    Hope you get your computer fixed soon xxx


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