Saturday, August 13, 2011

An Apple Doesn't Fall Far From An Other Apple

I don't know if there is this or similar saying in English, but this one in Latvia is used when you wish to say that someone is very similar to his relatives - usually parents. In this case I wanted to make a card for my sister, as our relationship is getting better (I suppose she is finally growing up :), so I added something below the saying in parenthesis: "that is why we are so gorgeous"!
Of course I used my new apple stamps and colored them with ProMarkers, but... I'm still in countryside and it appears that the only laser printer available here is the one which doesn't print on any other paper that regular office paper :( So my coloring is quite bad, because image is on this office paper, but I like it anyway...

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  1. Viss ir baigi forši, paldies par foršo kartiņu, tikai es negirbu pieaugt :P


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