Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Crafting Space

Recently I'm trying to improve my crafting room and I could say that there are some improvements, but of course there is no time to realize all my ideas. But anyway - I wanted to share few pics and ideas that currently describe my crafting workspace.
 I have packed very tiny space with inks, paints, glues, pens, markers and lots of other stuff, because I believe that I have to try everything there is in crafting and thus I have lots of different stuff, not just my favorite card making, scrapbooking and decoupage stuff.
 This room used to be my bedroom, then it was remodeled as our kitchen but now it is my craft room. I left the sink as it it is very comfortable to tidy all the mess afterwards and have access to water any moment I need it.
 I thought that I have posted my Distress inks storage box, but I couldn't find post about it. This was just regular box for decoupage from Stamperia with lid on magnets. I placed chipboard shelves in it and have also adhered inked sticker rectangles on each side of ink pad. Now I have only one problem - this box doesn't hold all distress inks...
 This storage rack for my writing tools was made out of PET energy drink bottles. Only problem was that I forgot that if you use hot glue gun to adhere them together, they will melt... Next time I want to use empty juice boxes as cubies for pens and markers.
And this is my new ProMarker storage. I got this idea from Paula Holifield. As there was this CD storage shelf full with old CD's no one was listening to, I decided to use it for my markers and thus hadn't spent any money for that. Only I slightly altered Paula's idea by substituting thick CDs with thin ones, so that it is more easily to grab ProMarkers as they are quite thick. I don't  need those color marker she placed on the spines of CDs, as I use my own system of arranging and using them. As I still haven't got all ProMarkers, there is still lots of empty space.
I filled those empty slots with CDs filed with Nestabilities dies and also Sizzix Bigz dies and embossing folders. CDs with dies could stay there as shelves even when I will get all markers, as it is not so hard to drew out CD with markers on top.
I try to embellish all my tins and boxes with patterned papers and labels. This wire tin is for my most essential tools and box is for double sided tape and sticky foam. I also love this old ink try, where I keep my tweezers, small scissors and inking tools. I got it after my grand grandmother passed away at age of 101.
And finally - this is my wall decor. I accidentally found this large (about 1,50m wide) weird material cutout in place where I buy organic glass leftovers. I bought it for about 4$. I have gilded it with Stamperia gold and layered on a piece of painted paper.

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  1. Thank you, thank you!!!!!I was looking for a long time how to use my storage cd that I no longer used. It will change my life. I hope my English is not too bad.


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