Monday, May 30, 2011

I Forgott About The Bottle...

I did tell that I made three project for my Palette #5, didn't I? Well I just forgot to publish third project before TCR layout...
This bottle was found buried in our basement sand and was found during renovations we are currently having there. Actually there were lots of interesting bottles, some broken china and - a some sort of missile from the war. Thankfully it didn't detonate :) So I had this idea to make this old bottle, which I failed to wash clean, into something interesting. I decoupaged it using so called Sospeso Trasparente technique (or maybe that's just this one company manufacturing products for this technique?) - it is just that I adhere napkin image to acetate, cut out and warm over candle, then shape into necessary shape using some wooden embossing stylus and, in my case - mouse pad. The result is somewhat glass like and transparent, so it actually feels like the bottle was made that way, rather than decoupaged.
Too bad that it isn't possible to actually see the 3D glass like effect in photo, but in real life it is very nice.

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