Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm back - hopefully!

I certainly hope that all my madness that I was going through is over - Christmas preparations, travelling to Germany (briefly also Austria and Italy, thouh I slept all way through Austria and we were in Italy just for couple of hours :) to see my husband and do some Christmas shoping for kids (because there was no time for any other shops), then very unpleasant journey with a ship back to Latvia (I did not puke as lot of others did but also couldn't get out of bed either - my husband seemed not to have any problems with that and it made me wanna kick him. Accasionally I also had to grab the sides of bed because it felt like I'm going to fall out of the bed. If you havn't understood that yet - we had a storm during our travel, and they said it was nothing compared to some other times). Then there were Christmas itself and going to see all relatives - I'm only dissapointed that we didn't made it to go to Madliena where my grandparent live because roads were all full of snow.
Ah the snow!!! That's another thing for itself - it's everywhere. We could step onto first floor roof and slide right down from the pile of snow in our yard. Well joy for Aleksa, but we just didn't know where to put it anymore. Thankfully it has melted slightly now but I guess it's not for long. So all we basically did these last weeks was showeling snow and removing isicles from roof. We arrived home from Germany on 24th dec at 6:30 nin morning, slept two hours, ate breakfast and went showeling snow... What a loveley Christmas preparation day! :)
We spent New Year party with our friends and it was really wonderfull. It was even better that I had my sister together with us and I really are so happy that our relationship has finally improved - seems that she has grown up and we can be sisters like we should be. It is especially important for me now, because she just went to airport (half hour ago) to fly to France. She's going to stay there for 5 months and study there, as she is a student of Franch and spanish languages.
And then I just wanted to enjoy time together with my husband as he has already gone to Germany again and I'm not going to see him again for a quite long time.
So I hope that I'm starting to get back into crafting world as it comforts me, relaxes and actually is mu job anyway. Well in fact that I havn't made any new posts doesn't meen that i havn't made anything during all this time, it just meens that i hadn't had time to write posts. Now i'm not sure where to begin my posting again, but I will somehow make it throuh...

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