Sunday, January 23, 2011

Few Decoupage Projects

Here are just a few pics of some older decoupage projects I've made.
 This is a T-shirt I made for my mother in love. It is made with a rice napkin from Stamperia and some sparkling Martha Stewart glitters. Of course I used fabric decoupage glue from Stamperia.
 This is just a little jar for cosmetic wool - unfortunately I crashed the lid while I was carrying it to show the jar to my decoupage students. I've used just a regular napkin and porcelain glue from Marabu.
 I like this jewellery box a lot - I guess because of it's contrasting colours and vintage feel. I used here some acrylic paints, one step Hobby Line crackle from Viva, decoupage paper and gilding flakes from Stamperia, and some leather band I got in a sale from Abakhan. Finishing was done using Stamperia gloss varnish.
 This was my first attempt on the reverse decoupage and I forgot to use blending gel with acrylic paints and as it was a very hot summer's day the blending wasn't done very nicely - but I use it now to show my students why do they need to use blending gel. All products were again from Stamperia (I do sell their products on my on-line shop so have to try them :)
 Oh this was the project I was looking forward to most. I found this old metallic tray in my gram's attic (you could read more about this wonderful attic in my post of Grandma's Salt Box). It was all rusted and dirty but the vision came anyway - I wanted this old print room style with cutlery and some "porcelain cracks". Paper used is just a regular office 80 gsm paper printed with a laser printer. Images were some vector illustrations I downloaded from internet. If you want the same image, let me know and I will e-mail it to you. I put the paper in a walnut ink solution for a few minutes to obtain that slightly brownish tint. Try itself was cleaned and the rust removed and finally sprayed with a chrome spray. Well that gave too young of a look so I painted it over with Stamperia brownish lack - this gave a very interesting and ageing effect. I made some cracks with Stamperia Sotille two step crackle and rubbed brown pastels in them. All middle part of the tray was covered with Stamperia Vitrifying 2 component varnish. This varnish really does the trick - you may wash products in a dishwasher after it has fully dried.
 This plate started out as a try for flowers sent to me on my wedding anniversary (5th by the way :) by my - well leader or in other terms I could say that it is something like made of honour, but in Latvian weddings we have leaders - usually a married older couple you wish your marriage would be similar to, and they arrange all the wedding for you almost like surprise - they lead you into your new life. Well the plate is plastic and had some very deep ridges in the bottom, but they were hidden using some chipboard and paste.
The colouring was done jet again with Stamperia acrylic paints and their small sponges. Middle part is a very nice rice paper parts of which I already used on my tin for may paints. Some additional painting was necessary, but I do like that this plate didn't end up in a recycle bin but now is gladly presented on one of my shelves.
 This started as a plastic tray I got from local household item shop. It costed just a dollar or so, and I bought it as to make it as an example for my classes. I used some Stamperia decoupage paper and made some dimensional flowers on corners. This try was covered with the vitrifying varnish as well.
 This is one ow the tins I like most (so I don't understand why it's still standing empty). At the beginning it was just a cookie tin. First of all I like it's colours and also the dimensional flowers on the lid. All images were printed with my colour ink jet printer on a rice paper. For the dimensional flowers I used air dry clay and some pink seed beads.
 This is just a project I made to show what kind of objects can be decoupaged. Those flowers are form a Stamperia rice napkin and complemented with some yellow and red seed beads.
 This is a plastic box I for a change found in my own attic (it turned out that the previous owners of the house had left a very big mess there but it sometimes comes in handy). The flower on the lid was made using gold crafting foil and embossing styluses.
 This is a wooden try and flowers I cut out of an old book cover.
 I like this box a lot. It wooden - ore something like it, because it is very like paper - thin I mean. I decoupaged some napkin all over the surface using hot iron technique (I had to actually dismount the box). Additionally I added some yellow lace ribbon (also found in my attic - bless those previous owners), interesting metal filigree button for a knob and some magnets to hold it close.
Inside was painted with a yellow acrylic paint.


  1. WOW! That's amazing! You're very creative! Love the trays and that last rosy box!

  2. Thank you a lot! Niice that you like it.

  3. Hi! Cool works )) How many washings was made before the picture fell off from t-shirt? Do you use DC11G or DC11M to glue?

  4. I just don't seem to understand why is the question about which dc11 I use as the difference is just the size of a bottle, but I do use dc11m.
    And as far as I know none of the T-shirts I have made are damaged, but people who wear them do not count how many times they have washed them. I have only slightly added paint now and then to the places where naturally fabric stretches and therefore tiers the napkin/paper apart.

  5. Te przedmioty są super.Podziwiam.


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