Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Book of Flowers - Scrapbook Album In a Watering Can

This is a project I wanted to make for a very long time - well actually since I saw most wonderful album made in a rubber boot by Sarah. It was my inspiration and also a project for my students to think outside of the box and make something that doesn't lie just flat on the table but is also a design element of your interior wherever you chose to place it. I must say I was surprised by the outcome myself. At the beginning I wanted to make a boot myself and so it happened that Aleksa had one pair of old boots that I could use. I put them in some place to work on it later but when it came to working I just couldn't find them (of course I found them yesterday when my project was finished). So I started to think what to use instead of a boot, because I didn't want to buy new boots and just cut them - pricey you know! Well it turns out that small watering cans do not cost so much and are just perfect for this!

This is the other side of the can. As it was yellow, I painted it white and decoupaged with a napkin with water-lilies and dragonflies. Then I used some modelling paste to get it little rougher and have some distressed effects. On top I also used little bit of silver paste, but it was just to get some part little bit shinier. I also got those three Gerber flowers for just about 0,60 US cents each (before sale they costed 2 dollars).
Doors were made from the actuall cutout from the can and covered with a cardstock painted with some acrylics and then embossed with Tim Holtz Woodgrain Texture fade. Next I used again Tim's grungeboard smallest hinges and the lock was actually made from the actual hole from the largest key hole in the same grungeboard set and a strip left over from one of the frame insides. Everything was attached with few copper brads.
Behind the doors is attached a small box that holds the actual album - The Book of Flowers. This is a book with my best flower pictures I have taken (well I have a few more but the book has it's limits :) complimented with few thought of mine on the subject.
All text in this book was done with my own printed rub ons, so in some places it is little bit smudgy or in a wrong angle :)

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