Monday, October 18, 2010

Tools I've Made Myselfe

As previously stated there are so few thing we can buy here in Latvia. I've always been very practical (hope so), I try to make my own tools to work with and today I want to share a clear ruler and paper edge distresser tools which I've made recently.
I lost my metal ruler some days ago and really hope to find it soon, but in the meantime I found this clear plastic ruler in my local shop. It costed only about 0,50 dollars and I got an interesting idea. Well it is naturally that I can't use this ruler for cutting but that's what I mostly use a ruler for. I knew I had a very thin and long metal ruler at home whom I never use, as it is so thin that it bend and I'm not able to get straight line.
So I cut my ruler to fit the size of my new plastic ruler and adhered it to one side of it with a super glue. Now I have clear ruler to see through for better aligning and a metal edge to cut with!!!
And the next one is a paper edge distresser. I always look at Tonic edge distresser and really want one, but usually there are many other products to buy first. And today I got an ide that I could make one. And here's how:
1. Cut a circle or any other appropriate shape from really thick card. Mine was about 3mm thick
2. Cut a segment out just like in picture
3. With a craft knife or other sharp blade try to make room between segment edges for three parts of a craft knife blade to be tucked in.
4. With a little help of flat nose pliers I finally tucked my blade almost all the way in and secured all this sandwitch with a super glue.
And here is the edge that I distressed with it:


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