Monday, October 18, 2010

Laces And Ribbons

As promised in my previous posts, I want to share with you a pictures of my latest purchase of ribbons and laces.
Laces were bought in very small shop in Bauska. They are so very wonderful and I hope that they will make lots of beautiful cards and layouts :)

And now - ribbons. Can you believe that it is not possible to buy polka dotted ribbons in my country? At least I know only one place where you can buy only 10 colours and they were added just few weeks ago! For this reason, I chose to order ribbons from ebay. I found this seller aiying816168, who offered 45 colours of different polka dotted ribbons and after almost four weeks of waiting and arriving from HongKong here they are:

I really hope that I won't have to go to a ribbon store for some time now :)

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