Thursday, September 9, 2010

Roadtrip Bauska-Liepaja-Klaipeda-Riga - a Mini Album

It was the thing most expected for my husband's holidays - a road trip for just a four of us! I really made some preparing for this trip, including making my own - translated travel sticker from different kind real travel stickers found in internet. I know some may say that its wrong - like stealing other company's designs, but it kinda isn't my fault that they do not make their products in Latvian. I love my country and my language so I needed sticker in Latvian. I did them in Illustrator, printed on sticker sheet using CraftRobo software and then cut with SDSilhouette. I bought PoGo for this, printed all kind of maps and gathered ephemera. The album itself is made out of notebook, that I cut in two parts. Pages are just glued together for more firmness and that's all!

As my notebook was with a design of rough woven canvas and a globe, I left them as that, but some parts covered with an actual torn map with the Liepaja part (that's one of our destinations). Added this translated sticker and painted chipboard letters for title which states something like - We're going! Painting was done also by Aleksa and it turned out pretty well.
Before the trip itself I made a list of the photos I would like to include in this album - waking up and dressing was in that list as the first item :) I did a lot if inking with my loved Distress inks.
I had cut some patterned fleur de liss (as it is my most favourite symbol) and diamond stencils with my Silhouette, so I used them with acrylic colours and staple brush to create backgrounds now and then
I let Aleksa shoot some pictures out of boredom, and some of them turned out pretty good ones!
Oh I just love this layout - with road signs and an ad from the event we were heading - an autorally Kurzeme 2010.
I used some weird plastic thing from doll packaging and tied it through notebook holes with some old looking ropelike string.
While travelling - I gathered all I could - including wrist bandages from rally and dried flowers Aleksa picked up in a meadow. I adhered this lupine with a piece of double sided tape.
In some places for the backgrounds I used an old torn page from a telephone book and black & white printed road map for rally.
I managed to adhere a small shell I picked up from the beach. The page on the right is made from a tag - I think it was a tag from Aleksas dress or something... Writing is done with a light green Souffle pen.
And here's the diamond patterned stencil background. I also binded in a ticket from a  dolphin show - the binding without a binding machine is quite difficult, but somehow I did it! Hooray for me - lol!
As towards the middle of our trip, our photo camera died (we had forgotten to bring a charger with us, same for our phones) all what whas lef was our video camera, but for such small photos, that did the trick as well.
Ad the back cover with also a part of a map showing our second destination - Klaipeda district. And this little label from grungeboard is there because a really ugly barcode was printed at that place.

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  1. Yes! Klaipėda's delphinarium :) I was there in 1995, and a source tells me it's so much more improved now.
    So much work went into this mini album and you did an amazing job. I like how you included the road map, and I think it's fine translating the stickers into Latvian ;)
    We were just talking about the same issue at a lithuanian scrap forum -- the lack of scrapbook products in Lithuania, and especially in lithuanian language, as this hobby is just in the beginning infancy stage.
    Scrapbooking seems a bit more advanced in Latvia (?)
    I like your blog...will be following you ;)
    If you'd like to visit my blog, I'll be honored ;)


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