Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gimme' Back - Rainy Days and Doodle Challenges

Oh this one was tough - even making one layout with such conditions would have been hard for me, but I chose to put them together.... So my first task was to use a picture that would not show something nice, funny or beautiful but just the opposite - everyday moments that are not those perfect ones. Well and that was the hardest part, because I went through all my pics in my PC and could not find at least one picture where my daughters (or any other family members by that matter) would not smile or appear happy... And ofcourse very last picture that is was looking at was the right one. This challenge is posted on Irma Peredne's blog, so go check her out!
My other task was to use just doodles and nothing more. That was also hard enough for me as I haven't tried to do so before. As I often do, I googled for some inspiration and hope that it turned out quite nicely! This challenge was posted on
The images I got my ideas from were:
This one ofcourse was used for my title, as I find that one quite eye catching!
This image has so many small and interesting doodles, that helped to fill some white areas easily. There were also many designs connected with water or rain, so it was just perfect!!! Both of these images came from Lucy's PDP blog.
And this last image has some nice swirly designs to soften my Rainy Day. Credits on image says Whimsy Doodles - Love By Miss Tina, but I could no more find it.


  1. I love it!!!saw it on SC!love your style...have a nice day!

  2. I LOVE your interpretation of the challenges! You have such a talent for finding inspiration from different sources, like the doodled title and the doodled patterned paper that you have made yourself.
    Really great work!

  3. I really like your doodles :D Both the title and the "zoo" on the paper :D
    I am just wondering, what does the journaling say? :)

  4. Journalling says:
    "Oh this girlie will definitely get what she wants out of life, cause after such leg beating against floor and throwing tantrums, it is hard not to admire Emilia's willpower to get what she wants at any price. I wonder from whom she got that temper? :) Uzvara 04.09.2010."

  5. Cha cha that's nice :) Kinda remind me about my sis when she was a kid :DDD
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Aaa. viņa ir vnk fantastiska un neatkaŗtojama!!! Baigi labā bilde!


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