Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cherry Blossoms and Pink Salt and Watercolour Background

I have a really great like for all thing East - the food, the design, the culture and nature, so this card was a very natural thing to make one day while experimenting with making backgrounds using salt and watercolours.
First I applied lot of pink/red watercolours to a watercolour paper and right away poured some salt on paper. As salt absorbs water, the places covered with salt leaves some very interesting patterns, that reminded me of Eastern motifs and cherry blossoms. after colour was dry, I gently rubbed off all salt and had this wonderfull background.
I mounted some black card on a square card blank and rounded one corner (I think I used some plate to mark the roundness and then cut with X-acto). Later I traced little smaller borders on my background and stick it on my card.
Branch is made using some floral wire and brown floral tape, by twisting all together and shaping wires in a branch like shape.
Blossoms are made using some punches and "cupping" as told in the book Paper Bouquet: Using Paper Punches to Create Beautiful Flowers.
Branch and blossoms are glued using hot glue gun.


  1. beautiful card! I don't make cards, but I appreciate the beauty and work that goes into making them.
    We think alike not only about cherry blossoms, but also about the salt+watercolor technique that I was wishing to try out for the current Color room palette. I thought the colors this week are very much like winter, and the salt technique looks like ice or snow pattern.
    I host random inspiration challenges at my blog every two weeks or so. There's a small prize for the winner which I select either randomly or hand-picked by me. Right now all the participants are lithuanians from LT, but we're hoping to get some other nationalities too.
    You're welcome to participate. You just have to scrap anything on the provided theme, and add a link to your creation.
    Here's the current challenge (next one will be around October 3):


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