Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tin For My Acrylic Paints

For a long time I had this metallic tin where I store my Stamperia acrylic paints. It was in pale greyish white colour, so it bugged me all the time to do something with it. Last night I could not stand it any more, so I did some very fast decoupage on it.
As I really like somewhat gradual colour changes I do a lot of sponging on my backgrounds and this is not an exception. I used violet, light pink, yellow and little bit of grass green for this tin as these colours appear in my rice paper designs. I have no idea what the paintings are from, but they do look great.
 There were two large and two small matching designs just for the size of my tin.
For the handles I glued some very thick pink lace like ribbon using hot glue gun. I hope that from now on my paints will have a better home :)

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  1. Oh Liva - I love the way this turned out. It has such a nice vintage shabby chic look. Don't you love it when you find great tins like this and can make it your own with your own creative flair? Well done.


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