Sunday, September 20, 2009

Schedule holder

Recently I made a schedule holder from wood branches that I saw in some German magazine. This project really cheered me - these cute animals are so funny. And it only took me about two hours to make it. As my little daughters doesn't have any special activities that could be written in a schedule, I din't really neaded this holder, so I took it to my eldest daughters kinder garten, where they really apriciate that kind of things.
I like making things that provides joy for other people. I hope to come up with something again really soon.
In fact I have made something else - a forest meadow with little piggies, for Aleksas harvest exhibition in her kinder garten.
But I'm not so sure anymore, that these are cute enough. Maybe pigs are, but the forest scene, I don't like so much.
P.S. And as I'm so lazy, I don't think I will do that dual language stuff anymore. I'm so sick of that tutorial transtalion for my crafts portal that I just can't do that also here. Sorry if you are a Latvian reader :)

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