Sunday, September 20, 2009

Schedule holder

Recently I made a schedule holder from wood branches that I saw in some German magazine. This project really cheered me - these cute animals are so funny. And it only took me about two hours to make it. As my little daughters doesn't have any special activities that could be written in a schedule, I din't really neaded this holder, so I took it to my eldest daughters kinder garten, where they really apriciate that kind of things.
I like making things that provides joy for other people. I hope to come up with something again really soon.
In fact I have made something else - a forest meadow with little piggies, for Aleksas harvest exhibition in her kinder garten.
But I'm not so sure anymore, that these are cute enough. Maybe pigs are, but the forest scene, I don't like so much.
P.S. And as I'm so lazy, I don't think I will do that dual language stuff anymore. I'm so sick of that tutorial transtalion for my crafts portal that I just can't do that also here. Sorry if you are a Latvian reader :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My new obsession / Mana jaunā apsēstība

I had totally forgotten about this blog - as you can see I havn't been here more than a year and there are so many things that has happened during this time.

Well my new obsession is crafting. Not that I havn't done any crafts before, but now I'm starting to live for crafting (except for my family).

I have opened new site for crafting step by step tutorials in Latvia -!

Anyone who shares love for crafting - all kind of crafting - beading, felting, paper crafts, scrapbooking, altered art and many more - may publish their own articles or use those tutorial s to make their own craft projects.

Give a minute and wisit to see for yourselve :)

P.S. I decidet that I could do a dual language blogging, so here it comes...
Es biju pilnībā aizmirsusi par šo blogu, jo kā varat redzēt, tad neesmu bijusi šeit vairāk kā gadu un ir tik daudz lietas, kas ir notikušas pa šo laiku.
Mana jaunā apsēstība ir rokdarbi. Nav jau tā, ka es iepriekš nekad nebiju nodarbojusies ar dažādiem rokdarbiem, bet tagad esmu sākusi dzīvot rokdarbiem (nu ja neskaita manu ģimeni).
Esmu atklājusi jaunu interneta portālu ar soli pa solim instrukcijām dažādu rokdarbu izgatavošanai -
Ikviens, kurš mīl rokdarbus - visa veida rokdarbus - pērļošanu, filcēšanu, apsveikuma kartīšu veidošanu, atmiņu albūmus, pārtaisīto mākslu un daudzus citus - var publicēt pats savus rakstus vai izmantot pieejamās instrukcijas un izgatavot rokdarbus pats.
ziedo minūti sava laika un apskaties pats :)